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Technical Information

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Need To Convert?

Standard to Metric Conversion

1" =25.4mm
1 1/8" =28.57mm
1 1/4" =31.75mm
1 3/8" =34.95mm
1 1/2" =38.1mm
1 5/8" =41.27mm
1 3/4" =44.45mm
1 7/8" =47.62mm
2" =50.8mm
2 1/8" =53.97mm
2 1/4" =57.15mm
2 3/8" =60.32mm
2 1/2" =63.5mm
2 5/8" =66.67mm
2 3/4" =69.85mm
2 7/8" =73.02mm

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Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles

Lunsford titanium parts are CNC machined from 6AL 4V Domestic Titanium. Our turnbuckles have left and right handed threads. Anything over 1 1/4" is marked with a groove on one side of the nut radius for identification. Just install all turnbuckles with the grooved side to the left... That's based on drivers perspective. Then you can tighten your turnbuckles with a wrench pull to the front.

Punisher Turnbuckles = 3mm Thread
Super Duty Turnbuckles = 3.5mm Thread
Gas & Monster Truck Turnbuckles = 4mm & 5mm Thread

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