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Cars > Mugen MBX7R ECO

Mugen MBX7R ECO Titanium Screw Kit

  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: SK0950
Price: $217.35
Shipping Weight: 0.21 lbs


64 Titanium Button Head Screws
5 Titanium Cap Head Screws
73 Titanium Flat Head Screws

Button Head Screws
3mm x 5mm
8 Side Guards

3mm x 6mm
2 Transponder

3mm x 8mm
2 Battery Box
2 Receiver Box Lid
2 Steering Turnbuckle
4 Arm Mud Guards

3mm x 10mm
1 Front Body Mount
1 Transponder Mount
2 Rear Turnbuckle to Tower
2 Speed Control Mount
3 Rear Shock Tower
4 Steering Turnbuckle

3mm x 12mm
4 Front Shock Tower
4 Center Diff Cover
4 Steering Servo

3mm x 16mm
1 Rear Body Mount
2 Rear Wing Mount

3mm x 18mm
2 Front Sway Bar to Arm
2 Rear Sway Bar to Arm

3mm x 20mm
1 Rear Brace
2 Rear Wing Mount
2 Front Shock to Arm
2 Rear Shock to Arm

3mm x 23mm
2 Rear Turnbuckle to Hub

4mm x 10mm
1 Motor
2 Motor Mount

Cap Head Screws
3mm x 10mm
1 - Motor

3mm x 25mm
2 Front Shock Mounts
2 Rear Shock Mounts

Flat Head Screws
3mm x 8mm
2 Front Steering Plate

3mm x 10mm
1 - Motor
1 Servo Arm to Servo
2 Front Upper Arm Mount
4 Steering Servo to Chassis
5 Battery Box Mount

3mm x 12mm
2 Front Diff Case
2 Front Top Plate
2 Top Plate to Steering Post
2 Rear Brace Mount
2 Rear Diff Case
2 Wing Mounting
4 Steering Mount
4 Rear Wing Mount
12 Front/Center/Rear Diff

3mm x 14mm
1 Front Brace
3mm x 16mm
2 Front Pin Mount
2 Rear Pin Mount

3mm x 32mm
2 Front Pin Mount
2 Rear Pin Mount

4mm x 10mm
1 Motor
2 Steering Post

4mm x 12mm
1 Front Brace to Chassis
1 Rear Brace to Chassis

4mm x 15mm
4 Front Diff to Chassis
4 Center Diff to Chassis
4 Rear Diff to Chassis

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