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Titanium Screw Top kit for XRay XB8 2018 (108pcs)

Titanium Screw Top kit for XRay XB8 2018 (108pcs) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: LNS00117
Price: $162.95
Shipping Weight: 0.10 lbs


The Lunsford Touch:

- Always and only domestic Grade 5 titanium
- Nano accurate broached head
- Hand-fed thread rolling process
- Machined from center-less ground titanium
- Manufactured right here at the Lunsford compound

The Titanium Screw Top Kit for the XRay XB8 2018  includes 108 top screws. For the bottom screw kit, please see LNS00116. Complete screw list below:

Xray XB8 2018 Top Screw Kit (108pcs)
Flat Head Screws
3mm x 8mm
2 Rear Sway Bar Mount
2 Rear Sway Bar Mount
2 Front Upper Arm Holder
4 Center Diff Mount Plate
2 Brake Disk Guide

3mm x 10mm
1 Top Deck, Rear

3mm x 12mm
12 Front / Center / Rear Diff
2 Rear Brace Mount
4 Aluminum Steering Plate
2 Top Deck, Front
2 Wing  

3mm x 14mm
1 Brake Linkage

Button Head Screws
3mm x 5mm
8 Mud Guards

3mm x 8mm
2 Steering Plate
1 Air Filter

3mm x 10mm
1 Front Body Mount
2 Steering Link, Inner
4 Battery Cover 
3 On-off Switch Mount
1 Throttle Linkage

3mm x 12mm
2 Front Chassis Brace
2 Steering Servo Link
4 Receiver Cover

3mm x 14mm
2 Wing Mount
8 Servos
1 Steering Servo Link

3mm x 16mm
4 Brake Pads
2 Fuel Tank

3mm x 18mm
2 Sway Bar Mount, Rear Suspension Arm
2 Rear Camber Link, Shocktower
2 Sway Bar Mount, Front Suspension Arm
1 Front Left Lower Shock Mount
1 Left hand thread, Front Right Lower Shock Mount
1 Rear Left Lower Shock Mount
1 Left hand thread, Rear Right Lower Shock Mount

3mm x 30mm
2 Rear Camber Link, Hub
4 Center Diff Mount

3mm x 35mm
1 Rear Wing Mount Brace

3mm x 40mm
1 Rear Chassis Brace

Cap Head Screws
3mm x 12mm
2 Front Bulkhead
2 Rear Bulkhead
4 Front Shock Tower

3mm x 18mm
1 Wing Mount

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