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Mini Tips

Lunsford Has designed a great fitting, stylish lightweight diff cover for your Mini-T. It goes perfect with our sweet little titanium diff cover screws and it's a must have for the perfect fit with the new Mini-T Fat Boy Motor Screws. Many of you may be new to the hobby or at least new to cutting lexan so we've put a few tips, tricks and ideas together to help you carve the perfect cover. Click on Mini-T Kits to get yours today!

Click on any of the images for a closer look!

Tips for Installing Lunsford's Lexan Diff Cover with Lunsford Titanium Diff Cover Screws and Fat Boys.

  1. Patience Grasshopper!

    A work of art takes time and thought.
    You want a trick addition to your hopped-up Mini-t. So take it easy.
    Don't rush in and start hacking at this like a crappy old paper doll or a
    snowflake you made in grade school. And if you're in grade school or
    for any reason can't or shouldn't be trusted with sharp objects...
    for heaven sakes! Get a responsible adult to help you with this project.

  2. It's all about the tool...

    Here are some tools that will make this job a pleasure rather than a pain.
    A 1/16" Allen Driver (MIP is my personal fav), a super sharp pair of
    small hobby scissors and some sharp bladed instruments for scoring the lexan.

  3. Don't cut off more than you can chew!

    When done properly, your cover fits snug over the motor plate to protect your gears. If you cut off too much there is no going back. You can always go back and dremel or sand later.

    I've got a few pics here to give you an idea how much overhang you'll want on your cover. Have a look:

  4. It's all about SCORING!

    What does it mean to score? Well, Webster's New World Dictionary defines it as this: Score (skÔr) n. [<ON. skor] 1. a scratch, mark, notch, incision, etc. So we make a simple incision around the area we want to remove from our cover by using a sharp hobby knife. Watch the fingers! We're cutting plastic not pinky fingers here.

    Lay the cover flat and find a tool that you can also lay flat so that you can hold it steady and firm. Make a straight edge incision along the entire perimeter of the cover just below the red line in the above example.

  5. You've been through a lot. It's okay to go to pieces.

    This is where sharp little pair of hobby scissors come in handy. Snip tabs all the way around your cover just up to the scoring mark.

  6. Snap out of it and look at what you've done!

    Snap off the tabs and you are well on your way to achieving the perfect lexan diff cover! A little sanding, a chisel here and a few holes to go!

  7. A little sanding and chiseling are in order.

    Place the diff cover over the motor plate and you'll notice that you have a little sanding or dremeling to do on the offset screw position. A little dab'll do ya. Just buff it down so that the screw won't put undue pressure on the lexan when installed. Buff or sand out any rough spots and check the fit occasionally until you have it they way you want it.

  8. Peel off the protective film.

    There is a protective film layer. If you haven't done so already, peel that puppy off to reveal your lexan cover in all it's glory.

  9. You've only got one chance to make a first impression!

    Pop your cover over the plate and mark your cover for the screw holes. I prefer to start the holes with the cover securely in place. I then use my knife to carve it out. A small drill bit might work nicely. Don't make your holes too big...Just big enough. Then lay your cover down and guide your titanium diff cover screws part way in with your 1/16" Allen Driver. You're now ready to mount your lexan diff cover.

  10. Don't get over torqued!

    Torque is the physics of force that produces a twisting or wrenching effect. It doesn't take any torque at all to hold this little cover in place. If you tighten it
    down too much you're just causing the early demise of your brand spankin' new lexan diff cover. So pop the cover over the plate and tighten (but don't over tighten) the titanium diff cover screw. And TA-DA! You did it, Baby!
    You Scored one for the Mini-T!

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